A Cupcake Adventure

A friend of mine asked me to bake cupcakes for her wedding, so I started preparing to bake and display 80 cupcakes and a cutting cake! At first, a cupcake stand big enough to hold all the cakes was going to be bought from The Cupcake Tower. I love these towers and the way you can change the ribbon trim for different occasions. One of these towers would have looked perfect on display. But as these ladies are from the US, the shipping weight became a problem and the tower was now out of our budget. So with a different option needed, it was decided that I would make one instead. I mean how hard could it be... it should be a piece of cake, right? 

I ended up using different sized cake boards for each platform and then cut balsa wood to size and glued together the supporting beams. I don't have the space to use wood working tools, but I'd recommend using stronger wood and nailing it together instead for a more sturdy structure. To finish off, I painted it 'antique white' and used sliver ribbon as a trim around the edges. I then made little bows to hide the untidy joins and there you have ready to use cupcake tower!

With all the ingredient measurements worked out, I took myself down to the shop to purchase all the chocolate, flour, eggs and everything else in between for the trilogy of mud cakes! The cupcakes were to be two different flavours; caramel or white chocolate. Each one was decorated with either a swirl of white chocolate ganache or with a fondant ribbon and the cutting cake was dark chocolate with ganache and a fondant outer layer. With everything going to plan, the cakes were baked a few days before the big day to ensure they had a rich flavour, this also allowed for me to take a breather, ready for decorating the day before. 

With the cupcakes baked and the decorating complete, the big day had arrived. The only thing left was to get all the cakes to the venue and set up. Watson's Bay in Sydney was warm and sunny with not a cloud in sight! With my work done, it was time to enjoy the night...congrats to the couple, I know you'll continue chasing the sweet things in life!